Democratic Republic of Congo Delegation visits REMA

Kigali, 1 April, 2019 - A delegation from the National Agency for Sanitation and Public Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo (ANASAP), has visited the Rwanda Environment Management Authority, REMA as part of the week-long study visit conducted in Rwanda from 25 to 31 March, 2019.

The visit to REMA aimed at sharing experiences and best practices in regards to environmental protection, hygiene and sanitation promotion.

The Director General of REMA, Eng. Coletha U. Ruhamya, said that Rwanda is delighted to receive the delegation to promote mutual learning and share best experiences in the fields of environmental protection and other related sectors of public health and sanitation.

“We thank the delegation for visiting Rwanda and the good exchanges made in regards to environment protection, hygiene and sanitation. We also pledge open collaboration on these aspects that fall under our mandate” added the Director General of REMA.

After the week-long study visit, the delegation expressed its gratitude and appreciation for exchanges made and vital experiences shared during the visit.

Apart from REMA, the delegation also visited other various public and private institutions including City of Kigali, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority, RURA, Rwanda - Water & Sanitation Corporation, WASAC,  AgroPlast Ltd,  a company that  recycles plastics waste and  Enviroserve Rwanda,  E-Waste Recycling Facility.






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