About REMA

Rwanda Environment Management Authority


Under supervision of the MMinistry in charge of environment, Presidential Order N° 033/01 Of 06/05/2022 Governing Rwanda Environment Management Authority, REMA reserves the legal mandate for national environmental protection, conservation, promotion and overall management, including advisory to the government on all matters pertinent to the environment and climate change.

Mission of REMA

The mission of REMA is to supervise and monitor environmental management and ensure that issues relating to environment receive attention in all national development plans.

Vision of REMA

All sectors of the Rwandan Society value and undertake sound environmental management and rational use of natural resources in order to contribute to the national aspirations for sustainable development.

Responsibilities of REMA

As stipulated in the Presidential Order N° 033/01 Of 06/05/2022 Governing Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), REMA has the following main responsibilities:

1° to implement Government environmental policy;

 2° to advise the Government on policies, strategies and legislation related to the management of the environment as well as the implementation of environment and climate change related international conventions as may be required;

3° to prepare and publish a report on the state of environment in Rwanda every four (4) years;

4° to establish measures to prevent and mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects;

5° to carry out a research, studies and other relevant activities in the field of environment and climate change and to publish the findings;

 6° to monitor and evaluate development programs and projects to ensure the compliance with laws and regulations on environment in their preparation and implementation phases;

7° to participate in the preparation of action plans and strategies for prevention of disasters and hazards which may degrade environment as well as to propose remedial measures where such risks and catastrophes occurred;

8° to set up technical guidelines related to environment conseration and management as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation;

 9° to advise and provide technical support, where possible, to entities engaged in natural resources management and environmental conservation;

10°to prepare, publish and disseminate manuals relating to guidelines and laws regarding environmental management as well as reduction of environmental degradation;

11°to coordinate, monitor and evaluate environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, strategic environmental assessment and other environmental studies. REMA may authorize, in writing, any other institution to examine and approve such studies;

13°to propose the enactment of laws, regulations and standards relating to sustainable management of Lake Kivu resources and contribute to their preparation;

 14°to ensure the enforcement of laws, regulations and standards relating to sustainable management of Lake Kivu natural resources and, as necessary, to propose amendments thereto and contribute to their preparation;

15°to advise the Government and the users of Lake Kivu natural resources on the preservation of the integrity of Lake Kivu and its environment;

16°to propose establishment of early warning system for geo-hazards in Lake Kivu and its surroundings and contribute to its establishment and management;

 17°to ensure effective management of research and monitoring data;

18°to enhance cooperation between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo or any other organisation with similar mandate in matters related to safe and sustainable management of Lake Kivu.