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Rwanda Launches Long-term Research Programme on Climate Change Adaptation

Kigali, 7 December,2021- The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), the University of Rwanda (UR) and the Higher Education Council (HEC) are today launching a research programme that will provide 50 fully-funded scholarships to 25 scholars and 25 lecturers of the University of Rwanda (UR) to inform long-term climate change adaptation planning and implementation in Rwanda. 

The research programme has been made possible through the National Adaptation Planning Process (NAP) Project, which is being implemented by REMA with support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The programme is intended for full-time Master’s scholars at the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology (CST) and College of Agriculture and Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (CAVEM). 

Interested research fellows or associates from the University of Rwanda and Centres of Excellence will submit research proposals on ecosystem based adaptation approaches. Financial support will be provided to the best research proposals in fields such as soil management and agroforestry, soil and water engineering, renewable energy, water resources and environmental management as well as biodiversity conservation and natural resource management. 

The scholarship will cover tuition, research and publication as well as supervisor incentives, living allowances and funding for field data collection.

Director General of the Rwanda Environment Management Authority, Juliet Kabera, said the programme will enable the country to make informed policy decisions about long-term climate change adaptation and forge new partnerships with research institutions.

“Ecosystem based adaptation approaches promote the integrated management of land, water and living resources in a way that achieves sustainable use and delivers equitable benefits for people and nature. The research programme we are launching today will empower 25 scholars and 25 lecturers to conduct research on nature-based solutions that harness biodiversity and ecosystem services to reduce Rwanda’s vulnerability and build resilience to climate change,” she said.

The programme is one outcome of a memorandum of understanding between REMA, the University of Rwanda and the Higher Education Council. Through this unique partnership, the institutions are working together to build the capacity of Master’s students to conduct research on ecosystem based adaptation, support University of Rwanda researchers to conduct research in ecosystem based adaptation priority areas, avail information for practitioners, policy-makers and other stakeholders, and forge long-term partnerships between government, academic and research institutions.

“Climate change is a long-term process and takes place over decades. That's why we need research to match this timescale. By investing in long-term research, we will be better placed to respond and adapt to the changes we experience today and into the future,” said Professor Alexandre Lyambabaje, University of Rwanda Vice Chancellor.

Interested research fellows or associates should contact Jean Marie Vianney Nyarubuye by email at jnyarubuye@rema.gov.rw for more information on how they can apply for this exciting opportunity.



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