Business Leaders pledge to contribute to Rwanda’s ambitious targets in Environmental protection

Business leaders for major companies, NGOs and Banks operating in Rwanda have pledged to accelerate the achievement of Rwanda’s high ambitious target of 38% of emissions reduction by 2030, increase forest cover and build a carbon neutral and climate resilient economy by 2050.

They made the pledge during a Business Leaders Breakfast hosted by the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) on 29th September 2022.

The Breakfast dialogue brought together a wide range of partners and stakeholders in environmental protection from banks and green investments among many other companies operating in Rwanda, to share ideas on ways the Private Sector can contribute to Rwanda’s ambitious targets in environmental protection.

Rwanda has set an ambitious target to address issues related to the triple planetary crisis namely air pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss. To achieve this, the Government needs “all hands on deck” to join efforts from citizens, government, academia, civil society, and the private sector.

The private sector is uniquely placed to contribute to this effort given its role in setting consumption trends, developing and promoting new technologies.

At the Breakfast dialogue, many Business Leaders made pledges and committed to embed green growth strategies in their plans.

The Cleaner Production and Climate Innovation Centre commits to support 20 more companies operating in Rwanda to include climate actions in their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda for the Net Zero target achievement by 2050” said Sylvie Mugabekazi at the Breakfast Dialogue.

Museveni Paul from Greenpact Africa also added that “Greenpact Africa pledges to accelerate Rwanda's net-zero carbon emissions by 2050”

Many other companies including MTN Rwanda, HIS Rwanda, Ampersand Rwanda Ltd, Greenleaf Motors Rwanda and banks including Bank of Kigali and Equity Bank pledged to contribute to Rwanda’s climate action by not only rolling out electric vehicles but also increasing forest cover.

The Director General of REMA, Juliet Kabera commended the private sector efforts and willing to join hands with the Government to build a carbon neutral and a climate resilient economy by 2050.

“We really appreciate Business Leaders for having honored our invitation today. Your pledges to contribute to the Net Zero targets are valuable, and we look forward to continuing collaborating with you to build a carbon neutral and a climate resilient economy” said Juliet Kabera.



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