Administration & Finance


The Director of Administration and Finance supports the operations of other departments of REMA. It ensures effective administration,servicing of activities through financing,human resource development, and other logistical support.

The department’s main functions include:

Advising the Director General on all matters relating to the finances of the Authority

Planning and coordinating policies and procedures designed to provide effective financial management and control systems.

Prepare budgets and manage finances of REMA

Ensuring that all accounting operations are effectively and efficiently performed

Ensure that pre-audit of the relevant documents is carried out and ensuring that all financial accounts and records meet government and donor requirements

Ensuring timely processing of all financial reports;

Maintaining effective financial control over the assets and liabilities, income and disbursements.

Ensuring effective deployment and prudent development of human resources

Ensuring a high degree of professionalism, continuous capacity building, and conducive working environment for staff.

Ensuring efficient stores management adhering to quantity and quality specifications

Establishing effective ICT Infrastructure and ensure the organization utilizes most current technology in operation to improve productivity.

Develop and regularly update appropriate databases

Developing and updating REMA website and on-line catalogues

Develop Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing capability in REMA.