Q1. Now that the law banning single use plastics was passed what is REMA's comment.

Answer This is a very positive step in the right direction. We have mainly been dealing with plastic bags.  But other single use plastic are also as bad or even worse than plastic bags.At the global level countries are discussing how to also ban single use plastics. Rwanda must be at the forefront 

Q2. What quantity of single use plastics is generated in Rwanda annually?

Answer : Currently there are no accurate data on quantities of single use plastics generated in Rwanda. But most of the used products in the country are imported.The most important is not the quantity of products produced, if more of ensuring that we avoid whatever quantities due to negative impacts on the environment and should not be debatable. However, we are planning to conduct a study to get the data that will support monitoring and evaluation on the impact of ban and other initiatives such as recycling investment.

3. What alternatives planned to replace single use plastics?

Answer : Most of single use plastics used in the country were introduced to replace other reusable materials that were already in use. For example single use plastic plates, knives or folks have their multiple uses alternatives on the market. What is required is to go back to our original practices abandoned while they are more environmental friendly.It is time to pay the cost to environment