Climate Change & international Obligations


This department addresses the issues of climate change and coordinates the implementation of regional and international environmental agreements.

The department’s main functions include:

Developing national capacity in Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)

Assuring the secretariat of the Designated National Authority under the Kyoto Protocol’s CDM,

Coordinating the preparation and implementation of policy, strategy and regulatory frameworks and instruments towards mitigation and adaptation of the country on climate change.

Advising on opportunities and emerging issues related to climate change and climate change responses measures.

Coordinating implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements and other International Environmental Obligations.

Provide technical input in negotiating and implementing regional and international conventions, protocols and treaties relating to environmental management.

Initiate and coordinate the drafting of the national reports and assess convention decisions and recommendation to update the plan by integrating those that are relevant

Provide technical advice related to Global Environmental Facility endorsement of projects.