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In line with the cerebration of the National Environmental Week, REMA organized a one day campaign against plastic bags at Kigali International airport on the 2nd June 2009.All staff from REMA gathered at the Airport with the main objective to tell people coming to Rwanda that plastic bags are not allowed in Rwanda.They went to check out point to well come travellers and give them samples of environmental friendly bags produced by REMA and sensitize the to adopt environmental friendly behaviour.The Director General of REMA, Dr. Rose MUKANKOMEJE made the following remarks « we came here to tell our travellers that Rwanda committed herself to a clean and healthy environment.

Travellers ought not to bring material suspected to harm our environment especially plastic bags that are banned”.

At the photo below, Journalists waiting to cover the event of the campaign against plastic bags brought by travelers using the airport.


Traditionally, Rwandans packed in materials locally known as “Inkangara, ibitebo, ibyibo” and other different types of packaging materials. Such materials were cheap, durable and environmentally friendly. In 1990’s plastic bags were introduced in the country as substitutes for the original packaging materials. Many people adopted plastic bags since they were considered to be fashionable and exotic. Rwanda having committed herself to promote a clean and healthy environment for all people has totally banned the use of plastic bags. Banning manufacturing and importation of these hazardous packaging materials in the country is a necessary move to halt environmental degradation in order to maintain the beauty of the environment.